Monsoon Single Pump Variable Speed Booster

Monsoon Single Pump Variable Speed Booster

Davey Monsoon, single pump, variable speed booster systems for commercial water supply.

This Monsoon system is a single pump system that can provide constant pressure, constant level or constant flow. The inbuild variable speed drive allows the system to vary according to demand helping to reduce running costs.

The system uses a simple text based user interface making set up and system adjustments simple.  The programmable controller allows for multiple pump protection features, a fully adaptable menu system and programmable I/O for remote control indication functions. Telemetry options are also available.

These booster systems are simple to install - Connect power, pressure tube, wire the motor and you are ready to pump water .


Documents below are available for download


TypekW (P2)Single Phase Code3 Phase Code
VM3 Series 0.75 SMAN3-8 SMAN3-8/3
  1.1 SMAN3-12 SMAN3-12/3
  1.5 SMAN3-15 SMAN3-15/3
  2.2 SMAN3-19 SMAN3-19/3
  2.2 SMAN3-23 SMAN3-23/3
VM5 Series 1.1 SMAN5-5 SMAN5-5/3
  1.5 SMAN5-8 SMAN5-8/3
  2.2 SMAN5-10 SMAN5-10/3
  3.0   SMAN5-12/3
  3.0   SMAN5-14/3
  3.0   SMAN5-16/3
VM10 Series 1.5 SMAN10-4 SMAN10-4/3
  2.2 SMAN10-6 SMAN10-6/3
  3.0   SMAN10-8/3
  4.0   SMAN10-10/3
  5.5   SMAN10-12/3
  5.5   SMAN10-14/3
VM16 Series 2.2 SMAN16-2 SMAN16-2/3
  3.0   SMAN16-3/3
  4.0   SMAN16-4/3
  5.5   SMAN16-6/3
  7.5   SMAN16-8/3
  11.0   SMAN16-11/3
VM32 Series 3.0   SAM32-2A/3
  5.5   SAM32-3/3
  7.5   SAM32-4/3
  11.0   SAM32-5/3
  15.0   SAM32-6/3
  15.0   SAM32-8/3
VM65 Series 7.5   SAM65-2A/3
  11.0   SAM65-2/3
  15.0   SAM65-3A/3
  18.5   SAM65-4B/3
  22.0   SAM65-4/3
  30.0   SAM65-6B/3