Microlene Water Purifiers - Countertop

Microlene Water Purifiers - Countertop

Microlene® benchtop units are perfect for suppling purified water for renters or for people who do not want to drill a hole in their benchtop.  Easy installation.

These are also great if you want great tasting and more pure water when you are travelling or camping.

Davey Microlene benchtop purification units produce great tasting water.

Easy to install as the unit attaches to your existing tap.

Reduces unwanted contaminants including chlorine, pesticides, sulphur, rust, algae, odours, asbestos, aluminium and lead.  The integrated 1 micron filter removes sediment and cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.



Documents below are available for download


There are 2 models available.  Choose the model you need based on your incomming water supply.

town model EWMTBT1 designed for people who have a chlorinated water supply
rural model EMRBT1 designed for people that have a non-chlorinated water supply such as a rainwater tank or bore supply