EcoPure Side Mounted Media Filters

EcoPure Side Mounted Media Filters

EcoPure commercial media filters for filtration of water in a variety of applications such as public and commercial pools, as well as aquaculture and industrial water treatment. 

The Davey range of side mount and top mount commercial media filters offer a product for all applications requiring high volume filtration.


With media filters to handle flow rates from 920 litres per minute up to 2450 litres per minute, the Davey Commecial Media Filters are the perfect product for larger filtration requirements. Available with side mount 'Butterfly' valves from 80mm ports to 150mm ports and 50ml top mount valves.


Speak with a Davey commercial products expert to ensure correct specification of equipment for your required installation.



Documents below are available for download

• Zelbrite Filter Media Datasheet
• Glass Media Datasheet

Filters Only

ModelTypeMax FlowrateSand Req. / BagsGravel Req. (1-  2mm)
M8810 L1200 920lpm 900kg / 45 300kg
M8811 L1400 1280lpm 1350kg / 67.5 450kg
M8812 L1600 1700lpm 2300kg / 115 700kg
M8813 L1800 2000lpm 2900kg / 145 900kg
M8814 L2000 2450lpm 4000kg / 200 1100kg

Butterfly Valves To Suit

ModelSuits TypeSize
M8816 L1200 80mm
M8817 L1400 & L1600 100mm
M8818 L1800 & L2000 150mm